Breeder Referral

In finding the right dog for you and your family you will need to research various breeds and decide if your situation is ideal for a puppy or an adult companion. 

It is highly recommended that you contact various respectable breeders, ask lots of questions to determine the breeder’s experience, understand the health history of the sire and dam and a specific breed’s suitability for your personal circumstances. 

Local dog shows are a great way to meet various breeds and breeders and to learn more about dogs in general. Plan to visit the breeder’s home/kennel. Consider contacting breed rescue groups as well as animal shelters as you determine what best suits your lifestyle and living environment. Be sure you understand your community’s rules and local and state licensing requirements and regulations related to pet ownership before making a decision regarding the perfect dog for your family. 

Remember that being a responsible owner requires you to provide lifelong health care to your companion or show bred puppy. Be sure you consider the exercise and socialization needs of your four-legged friend before finalizing your decision. Spaying and neutering companion dogs at the appropriate age is being a conscientious pet owner.

For a listing of breeders visit the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Breeder Referral as well as the AKC breed specific parent clubs. Additional information for new dog owners is available at the American Kennel Club’s site.

For a Breeder Referral Contact: Barbara White at snopeakmalamutes@gmail.com


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