Breed of the Month - December 2014 - Schipperke
Congratulations to Donna Keihl, Donna Kenly, Bill and Barbara Murray!!

The small, foxlike Schipperke is known for its mischievous expression and distinctive black coat, which stands off from the body and is harsh to the touch. This enthusiastic, joyful, and sometimes willful dog has a thickset and cobby body, and lacks a tail. Although historically a watchdog and vermin hunter, today this ageless breed enjoys competing in conformation, agility and obedience, often well into its teens.

The Schipperke originated in the Flemish regions of Belgium, bred down in size from a black sheepdog called the Leauvenaar. The breed worked as a companion of tradesmen as well as a watchdog and ratter on the river barges, which is where they got the name "Schipperke" since the Flemish word "schip" means boat. Another common nickname for the Schipperke is "Little Captain."

The Schipperke is curious, interested in everything around him, and is an excellent and faithful little watchdog. He is reserved with strangers and ready to protect his family and property if necessary. He displays a confident and independent personality, reflecting the breed's original purpose as watchdog and hunter of vermin. The dog is square in profile and possesses a distinctive coat, which includes a stand-out ruff, cape and culottes. All of these create a unique silhouette, appearing to slope from shoulders to croup. Males are decidedly masculine without coarseness.

Right Breed for You?
The Schipperke is extremely active and loves to be involved in what is going on around him, but due to their watchdog tendencies, they can turn into barkers if not taught otherwise. Equally happy in an apartment or a home with a large yard, they should be kept on leash when not in a fenced area and be taken to obedience classes.

The breed's coat needs only weekly brushing and an occasional bath, although they do shed several times a year.

If you are considering purchasing a Schipperke puppy, learn more here.

• Non-Sporting Group; AKC recognized in 1904.
• Ideal size: 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder.
• Watchdog; companion.

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