Breed of the Month - July 2014 - Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Congratulations to Hank and Sue Brandes !!

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is often considered the ultimate walking hunter’s gun dog, easily trained and a close working dog. Excels at both upland bird hunting and also duck hunting.

The ‘Griff’ of today was developed by a Dutch bird hunter, Eduard Karel Korthals in the 1870’s.His aim was to develop a hardy close working hunting dog that could work heavy brush, stand cold weather conditions and have good endurance. They are very intelligent, affectionate and do best in a home environment, shed very little, make ideal family pets. Also have excellent noses and have excelled in tracking and finding downed game.

The first ‘Griff’ to be registered with the American Kennel Club was in 1887. The Griffon Club of America started in 1916. That same year the breed standard was established in the U.S. and the Westminster Kennel Club had sixteen Wirehaired Pointing Griffons exhibited.

The breed standard states that the size of the WPG range from 20-22 in. for females, 22-24 in. for males. They are a rough coated breed and as one owner once stated ‘go hunting in the morning and go directly to the show ring in the afternoon’, in other words the Griff should be shown in his natural rough coated state without a lot of trimming and pruning.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon has been gaining in popularity over the past several years as more discover that the Griff makes an excellent family dog, good with children, shed less than many other breeds plus an excellent hunting companion.

In 2003 the AKC records show the Griff was 120th in number of registered dogs. In 2013 they rose in number of registrations to 80th. More owners are finding this versatile dog can and will do it all, family pet, show dog, obedience competition, agility, tracking, hunter and hiking companion.


We have been hunting with ‘Griffs’ for many years with friends and family in Iowa and South Dakota. Our introduction into the showing for conformation began about 16 years ago in California, our home at that time. We received a phone call from a Griff breeder from northern California, her statement to me/us; “I understand you have a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, have you considered showing your dog in conformation?” My answer was no, not really, she went on to invite me to come to a show up in the San Francisco area, they wanted enough Griffs for major. (At that time I had no idea what she was talking about) Anyway I discussed this with Sue and thought it might be fun and also we’d get to meet other Griff owners.

I had been to a couple of dog shows and had watched the Westminster show on TV, so I and my Griff "Sophie" started practicing for this big event (at least for us). The weekend of the show we hooked up the RV and headed north a few days before the event. On the day of the show we met several of the other Griff owners; they had a shelter set up, with beverages, snacks, etc. A friendly welcome, and introductions all around. I was informed there were enough dogs for a major, I still didn't understand, but we were ready, "Sophie" and I…we followed directions went into the ring when told, did what everyone else was doing, and the Judge said you’re number one. We then went for Best in Show and some other dogs won.

After this was over and we were all visiting and talking about what happened in the ring, I asked, My new friends, so I got this blue ribbon, what’s the big deal, they sort of looked at me in shock and said, you just earned 5 points towards Sophie’s champion title. I then received some much needed education. The next day, we all did the same thing, and again Sophie earned another 5 point major.

We were hooked on showing our dogs. Sophie did become a champion, however, It wasn’t always easy, but, has always been a lot of fun. Meeting many new friends through-out the country at all the dog shows, hunt tests and other dog related events. When we moved to Colorado 11 years ago we met Alan Krenek and joined the Plum Creek Kennel Club and have continued breeding and showing our Griffs with the help of another Plum Creek member, Shona Welle.

Ch. Birdfinder’s Snow Bird, "Sophie", earned a hunting title, UPT
with the National Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)

Puppies . . Puppies . . Puppies . .


This is how we do it . . .
At the July Members meeting individual 2 x 4 cards representing all the breeds that are owned by PCKC members were placed in a bag and 2 breeds were chosen on the 1st draw. Those 2 breeds were the Yorkshire Terrier and the Labrador which would be highlighted in the August and September PCKC "Breed of the Month" on our New Website. At the August Members meeting another 2 breed cards will be chosen. The first breed drawn will be for October, should that breeder(s)/owner(s) decline, the 2nd breed will be contacted to participate. Should the 1st breed accept for October the 2nd breed will represent November and so on. Once the breed has been highlighted on the website that breed will be retired until all the breeds in the club have been represented, then we will start over anew.



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