Breed of the Month - October 2014
Bernese Mountain Dog

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ellen Guy and Jacqueline Schuck!!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, handsome, tri-colored, dog that is strong and agile enough to do the draft and droving work for which they were bred in the Swiss Canton of Bern. Measured at the withers, dogs are 25 to 27 ˝ inches; bitches are 23 to 26 inches. Weights of dogs and bitches generally range from 80-115 and 70-95 pounds, respectively.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is aristocratic in appearance, and ancient in lineage. The breed has long been at home on the farms in the midland of Switzerland. One of the four varieties of Swiss Mountain Dogs, the Bernese known in its native land as the Berner Sennenhund, shares similar distinctive coloring with other varieties, but is the only one with a long, silky coat. The other three are the Appenzeller Sennenhund, the Entlebucher Sennenhund, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. These dogs worked as drovers and draft dogs as well as watchdogs in the farmyards mainly in the Canton of Berne.

The Bernese is an extremely hardy dog, thriving in cold weather. He needs only a small amount of daily grooming to maintain his coat. The breed desires human companionship, and is a willing and quick learner.

The Bernese Mountain Dog was first brought to the United States in 1926. The breed acquired AKC recognition in 1937.

While Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful creatures with a long list of attributes, this is a strong-willed dog that is not for everyone.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is tri-colored. The ground color is jet black. The markings are rich rust and clear white. Symmetry of markings is desired. Rust appears over each eye, on the cheeks reaching to at least the corner of the mouth, on each side of the chest, on all four legs, and under the tail. There is a white blaze and muzzle band. A white marking on the chest typically forms an inverted cross. The tip of the tail is white.

When the Bernese Mountain Dog is alert, the ears are brought forward and raised at the base; the top of the ear is level with the top of the skull. The muzzle is strong and straight. The nose is always black. Before you decide to make a Berner part of your family, thoroughly research the breed, talk to reputable breeders and knowledgeable owners.

Visit the website of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies ( for information on Berner activities in the Front Range and consult the Info Series of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America for detailed information about grooming, training, and living with a Berner



Dr. Mary Ellen Guy, Lemark Berners  ~ I am a breeder-owner-handler who has been smitten with Berners for decades. I started my breeding program in 1993 and was fortunate to start with a foundation bitch who was top-ranked in the show ring and also a top producer of champions. I am now showing the 6th generation descended from her.

4th generation: Ch. Lemark Seastars White Gloves
aka Lily wins Owner-Handled Best in Show

Jacqueline Schuck, BernerLee Bernese Mountain Dogs ~ My husband and I got our first Bear “Jerry Lee” back in 2000 and it was true love for us! Now, we are on our 7th Bear all the way from Switzerland!  We could never imagine our lives without these beautiful creatures!  Currently, we share our home with 4 very special boys who fill our lives with so much joy!  Life could not be more complete!

Placing at the National Specialty is a thrill

Our first AKC, UKC and International Champion,
“Miss Greta Lee” 2002-2013
CH. Summit’s Look Heart No Hands

Fifth generation of Lemark Berners - "Smudge"

Berner Drafting

Jerry Lee up close and personal.

Ivan Lee, Oliver Lee, NestLee and the new kid, Prince Albert Lee.
Photo by April Vawter

Puppies . . Puppies . . Puppies

Prince Albert Lee. 16 weeks (this weekend)Photo by April Vawter

The new Swiss kid.
Prince Albert Lee. 12 weeks

Prince Albert Lee. 15 weeks

This is how we do it . . .

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