Upcoming Events

Hi All, The next few months are just brimming with activities involving the PCKC. Some of them are 'business' activities of the Club and some of them are activities with the dogs or just plain FUN things. We look forward to hearing from you, and most of all seeing you!

Membership Meeting
Our meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m, at Mimi's Cafe at 9155 PARK MEADOWS DR. LONE TREE CO 80124.
Restaurant and beverage orders at the meeting are at your own expense. We look forward to hearing from you, and most of all seeing you !

Colorado Dog Shows Calendar


12,13 - AKC B/OB/R Roaring Fork KC; Eagle CFG; Eagle; Onofrio Dog Shows; 405-427-8181; mail@onofrio.com
18,19,20 - UKC B/OB/R Twin Peaks; Boulder CFG; Longmont; Maude Tank; mtanko693@aol.com
11,12,13 - AKC MileHigh Golden Retriever Club(MHGRC); Douglas CFG; Castle Rock; All Breed; Deb Ascher; LookoutTS@aol.com
11,12,13 - NADAC Mountain Dog Sports; Fairmont Park; Golden; Lindsey Cooper; spot_coop@yahoo.com ; mountaindogsports@yahoo.com
18,19 -UKC Twin Peaks; Boulder CFG; Longmont;Michelle Hoppes; hoppesm@yahoo.com
18,19,20 - ASCA Colorado Australian Shepherd Assoc (CASA); Adams CFG; Brighton; All Breed; Geri Scheidt; edgerischeidt1@msn.com
25,26,27 - AKC Pikes Peak Agility Club (PPAC); America the Beautiful Park; Colorado Springs; Kelly Misegadis;
27 - Match Riverstone Ranch; Longmont; Trish Whitley; teedub63@gmail.com
12,13 AKC Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club; Rancho Terra Norte; Wellington; C Course. PT,HT; Val Manning;TerraNorte@aol.com
26,27 - AKC Rocky Mountain Earthdog Club; Bellevue; Sandy Trzos; mtncairns@hotmail.com
12, - NAWRA by CLCA http://www.nawra.com/
13 - NOTRA http://www.notra.org
18,19,20 - ASFA by CLCA http://www.clcaonline.com/
26 - ZASSC www.zoiboyz.com
27 - Fun Run http://www.rockymountainborzoiclub.org/


20,21 - AKC Arapahoe Kennel Club; Arapahoe CFG; Onofrio Dog Shows

20,21 - AKC Newfoundland Club; Basset Hound Club; Arapahoe Park; Golden; All Breed; Carol Makowski; carolmakow@aol.com
18,19,20,21 - DOCNA Championships; West Fairmont Park; Golden; Jim Mills;
26,27,28 - AKC  Briard Club of America; Schaefer Sports Complex; Denver; Kelly Misegadis;