Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kennel Club? A Kennel Club is a group of purebred dog fanciers who organize dog shows, performance events and matches, and participate in community activities which encourage responsible dog ownership.

Do you offer obedience, agility, or show dog classes? PCKC offers a conformation (dog show preparation) class for dogs that are being readied for the show ring. The class meets at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. The cost is $
10.00 per dog, and the class lasts about an hour. Contact Mary Parenti at for further details.

Do I have to own and show purebred dogs to participate in PCKC? Owning a purebred dog is not necessary to participate in PCKC club activities. However, in order to enter your dog in PCKC shows or matches, your dog must be both purebred, and eligible to enter the show or match under the rules of the American Kennel Club.

Can PCKC board my dog while I'm out of town? Sorry, we're a "kennel club." You're looking for a "boarding kennel." To board your dog while you're away from home, check with your dog's veterinarian, trainer, or breeder. You can also check in the yellow pages under "kennel."

Can you help me find a purebred dog? While the PCKC does not recommend any particular breed or hobby-breeder, we can direct you to these helpful internet resources: Contact Barbara White at 

The American Kennel Club, has excellent on-line information about how to adopt a purebred dog, and how to find which dog might be right for you. The AKC also has information about each recognized dog breed, including breeder and rescue referral resources.

Finally, do come visit our dog shows, see our Upcoming Colorado Dog Show Events. The shows are a great place to see and learn about the breeds you may be interested in!



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